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Frequently Asked Questions

VIATA is an Industrial Automation training Center, where Automation in the real sense is taught in all seriousness to make the students eligible for a career in the Industrial Automation space.

All our courses have a segment on Electrical Fundamentals unlike other Institutes, where it is just touched upon.

We teach good programming techniques which makes a person’s basics so strong that he/she can confidently try working on any controller. We focus on teaching a few controllers thoroughly so that the student is directly ready for employment, unlike other institutes which claim to teach 5 PLCs in such a short time that the student is practically unable to work on any PLC.

Our faculty consists of Project Engineers who have worked in reputed companies whereas in other institutes, typically, the students of the same institute, end up becoming faculty.
We provide the students with individual machines with software and make them try out all their work on real PLCs. In other institutes, students have to share machines and controllers.

Industrial Automation means automating machinery and processes in factories with various control systems like mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic devices and computers. Modern factories, typically use all these combined automation techniques to achieve high productivity, quality, flexibility and safety

Modern industries can be of two types:

Industries that use automation to manufacture their product.

Industries that manufacture automated machines or provide solutions to achieve automation.

Type 1 : industries require automation professionals to troubleshoot their automated systems.

Type 2 : industries require automation professionals for designing and deploying automated machines and control systems at user industries.

This means, there are ample job opportunities for engineers who have knowledge and skills in automation technologies.

I do not know anything about industrial automation. will I be able to understand?

There are 2 types of jobs in industries: Knowledge based jobs and Process based jobs.

In process based jobs, one is supposed to follow predefined, predictable tasks. Therefore such jobs are

Insecure: As anybody can replace you because easiness of the job.

Boring: Because of repetitiveness

Less paid: Because they are less challenging

The knowledge based jobs, on the other hands are

Secured: Because ample number of job opportunities and unique work experience

Prosperous: Because of challenging work

Creative: Designing and troubleshooting of machines

As said earlier, Automation Engineer can start his career either with manufacturer of automation machine called OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturers) or end user of such machines like any automated manufacturing plant. In both the cases, an automation engineer has enough opportunities of growth. Typical career path of an automation engineer can be depicted as follows.

An automation engineer is supposed to maintain, troubleshoot, design or install any automated system. For such a job, he is expected to have only application knowledge of all technologies. It means they should be able to understand

  • Working principles of components
  • Selection criteria
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting at system level
  • We ensure you get this application knowledge in CAE course.

Yes, we can help you to get accommodation in nearby areas of the institute. The overall living cost would approximately range in between Rs.3,000 to Rs.5,000
including food. We recommend good places to students where they can meet similar minded students to get to know more opportunities and also to make their stay pleasant and comfortable

Biggest Industrial Automation trainer in the World with more than 75 well equipped training labs with 180 experience trainers. Prolific has more than 400 employees to support you in various stages of your career. VIATA’s certification is highly valued in companies across diverse industrial sectors in India and outside India. This is reflected in our corporate clientele and the
fact that most of our alumni are working with top companies.
I S O 9001 – 2008 Certified company for quality management
Large investment in assets that are used in the industry
Basic and high end PLCs
Instrumentation (All types of sensors)
Drives (Delta,ABB)

  • 1. Best Placement Support
  • 2. 5000 + companies listed all over India for placement tie?ups & overseas job consultancy
  • 3. Dedicated Placement Division for placement tie?ups
  • 4. 11 Job Portals for student’s placements
  • 5. Direct Approach to HR manager for man power supply

  • Bridge for the technical explosure
  • Resume enrichment
  • Additional qualification
  • Career direction
  • Industrial environment

Power, Oil & Natural Gas, Power Transmission, Automobile, Effluent & Water Treatment, Chemical Plants, Cement and Steel, Sugar and Food industry, Brewery and Soft drinks, Railways, Airlines, Shipping, Agriculture and many more. Automation has found its way into all domains & processes.

The Prime Minister of India’s “Make in India” initiative, has been designed to facilitate investment and innovation in about 25 sectors. This offers enormous potential for employment for skilled Engineers and excellent growth opportunities.

Automation is a field which has found its way in all industries and sectors. It is no more associated only with Manufacturing. It is an interesting space for people who like challenging environments. The IT industry offers jobs but does not ensure work for everyone. Many people find themselves “on the bench” for a long time, which makes them disillusioned about their own life prospects. The work is hardly challenging and though the initial salary may seem to be very attractive, the growth percentage is very slow. Whereas, in the field of Automation, even though the starting salaries are low, within a few years, the growth is tremendous for skilled engineers

The entry level salaries for Automation engineers are between Rs. 8000 to 10,000. 2 years of experience fetches between Rs.18,000 to 26,000. After 5 years, the industry is willing to offer salaries between 50,000 and 70,000

VIATA believe in developing the necessary skills through a short-term or crash course. It is possible to ensure the level of Learning that we want to achieve, in a short term course.

We believe that any engineering student has the potential to make it big in the automation industry, if guided properly. This is our primary goal. We are here to impart quality learning in the field of automation. We have strived hard to frame a curriculum that will prepare students for the Industry in the right way. We have brought in systems to ensure that our delivery of teaching lives up to the high standards we have set ourselves. It is for you to make the right decision and utilize the opportunity.

We have affiliated with NEC of Excellence who bring great value in honing the attitude & skills of students to make them employable in the Industry. They have good contacts in the Industry and by virtue of their vast experience, they have exactly mapped the gap between the capability of the students and the requirements of the Industry. They have designed programs to bridge this gap in a highly beneficial manner for students.

Visionary Industrial Automation Training Academy (VIATA) is India’s leading training institute in the field of Industrial Automation with 9 years of existence. It has trained 1000+ engineering students in industrial automation technology.
Industrial Legacy:
VIATA enjoys a legacy of “Visionary Group” that has more than 11 years of experience in Industrial Automation projects and services.

VIATA has been successfully ensuring effective transfer of knowledge to fresh engineers through able faculties who have more than 25 years of collective experience in industrial automation.

VIATA’s curriculum is the closest one to industry’s expectations. Thanks to the continuous efforts of improvements in curriculum based on proactive, periodical process of feedback from industries and students. VIATA always update the course as per industry requirement.

Course Materials:
Participants are offered unique books with rich contents that spans from basic concepts to practical guidelines about using latest technologies.

Spacious classrooms and labs with advanced automation trainer kits of switch-gear, sensors, PLC, SCADA, HMI, VFD, Servo systems, IIoT Hardware, which are latest in industries.

VIATA’s most important pillar is, its unparalleled placement assistance. VIATA offers support right from preparing resume, finding right job opportunity, generating an interview call and coordinating with industry and candidate till the placement is done. VIATA has a placement record of more than 86%. Thanks to a well defined course and strong industry relations.

After completion of Industrial Automation Course from VIATA, our placement team trains you on resume writing, basic communication and interview skills. VIATA’s placement team supports you right from preparing resume, finding right job opportunity, generating an interview call and coordinating with industry and you till the placement is done. You can give your location preferences of the job and VIATA will try its best to find the job as per your preferences.

Yes!!!, you can start a system integration business after one or two years of experience after completion of Industrial Automation course. This is a very wonderful line of business, which is very creative & prosperous. The beauty of this Automation line is that, you need not invest in space, equipment & manpower to start with.